Washington Univesity Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Washington Univesity Facial Plastic Surgery Center
Mini Facelift Surgery
The mini facelift has become a very popular option for patients who want a more youthful look, but have little time to spare from work and other normal activities.

Designed to rejuvenate the upper neck and jawline and to correct the jowling and submental fullness (fullness below the chin), the minilift takes about two to three hours for the surgery. It can be performed under local anesthesia, light sedation, or general anesthesia.

The minilift surgery can be performed on any age group. Because down time is less and there is less bruising and swelling it is ideal for males and females.

This is particularly true for males who may not want a full facelift or a long operation and lots of time away from work. Because men don’t wear make-up, a mini facelift is desirable due to its minimal bruising and swelling.

Minilift is a True Facelift
A minilift is a true facelift, so the results are long lasting -- not like a thread lift or fillers that will quickly dissipate. There is some relaxation of the minilift in the first few months, but after that the effects are long lasting. As with all cosmetic surgery, we simply set the aging clock back with a mini facelift.

Every patient is different and so for someone to tell you that a lift will last " x " number of years would be irresponsible. However, most people feel that they get a good 5-7 years from the minilift and as mentioned earlier---- you always look better than if you hadn’t had it done.

The mini facelift is done in conjuction with liposuction to sculpt the neck and jawline (almost always recommended together, unless the patient is very thin). If the eye area is also a concern, the minilift can be performed easily in combination with upper and/or lower lid blepharoplasty, to give a complete facial rejuvenation with approximately four to five hours of surgery.

Mini facelift surgery is not ideal for the patient who has a lot of midfacial ptosis (drooping), unless the mini facelift surgery is combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and a midface lift. Otherwise a traditional facelift, otherwise known as a full deep-plane lift, is indicated for those patients.

During your initial appointment with Dr. Branham or Dr. Chi, your goals and expectations will be discussed along with an evaluation of your individual needs for the facial enhancements that would most benefit you.
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