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Privacy Policy
The preservation of your personal privacy and confidentiality is a foremost priority of facialplasticsurgery.wustl.edu.

Since email is not a secure form of communication, we are unable to answer the following types of questions by email:
  • Questions regarding diagnoses or offer specific advice or consultations via the Internet.
  • Questions that require sending confidential information.
We would be happy to answer any general questions you may have about our services or our general knowledge of a particular disease or medical condition. However, our response to your telephone calls or emails concerning our general services or resources should not be interpreted as a recommendation for treatment.

Before and after photos of our patients are used with their written consent. Stock photos on the home and content pages are there as graphic design elements, not as a representation of a patient.

Information about enhancements and procedures on this Site and its linked resources is for educational and informational purposes only and should in no way be taken to be the practice of medicine or the provision of medical, nursing or professional healthcare advice or services.

At facialplasticsurgery.wustl.edu, we take the issue of your personal privacy seriously. Safeguarding your health information is important to us. We have developed certain practices to help protect your health information. These HIPAA Privacy Practices describe how, when and why we may use and disclose your health information, as well as your rights to your health information.

We want each Site visitor to find useful medical information and learn of our services. In working toward that goal, we count our visitors and keep track of which pages our visitors select throughout the Site. To do this, we must use software called a “cookie”. The “cookie” maintains numbers in aggregate form and does not obtain personal information about any of our visitors.

This information helps us to know what sections of our Site are visited frequently, so we can enhance those sections and ensure they are timely. Your personal, private or medical information is not being tracked, collected, or disclosed without your express written consent.

Facialplasticsurgery.wustl.edu will only collect voluntarily offered private and/or medical information provided by the web site visitor such as names, email addresses, etc. This information will be saved, and will be used for the purposes of communicating with those who have provided this information voluntarily. Communications may include special offers, news and information updates, promotions and correspondence. If at any time you choose not to receive email communication or correspondence from facialplasticsurgery.wustl.edu, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to facialplasticsurgery@ent.wustl.edu with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line, and you will be removed immediately from all future mailings and correspondence.


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