Patient question:
I look tired and have ‘speed bumps’ under my lower lids. Getting more rest doesn’t seem to help. I like my face, but don’t want to look so worn out. Can I just fix my eyes?

Gregory Branham, MD answer:
The eyes are the first to betray us as we age. This can occur at an earlier age for those who have an inherited tendency for puffy eyes or sagging brows. When puffiness of the lower eyelids happens at an earlier age, then treatment of the underlying fat or ‘speed bumps’ is sufficient, since the cheek tissue is in its normal youthful position. Sometimes, texture changes in the eye areas can occur in the absence of puffiness. These changes can be treated with creams like Retin-A, laser rejuvenation, and in extreme cases, surgery.

However, the older you are the more effect gravity has on your face. It elongates the lower eyelid skin as the heavier check tissue pulls the skin down. This creates an unsightly groove called the tear trough and unmasks puffiness of the lower eyelids. Effective treatment of the lower eyelid involves resuspending the heavy cheek tissue and treating the bulging fat and texture changes of the eyelid skin.

The drooping of the upper eyelids is caused by the brows descending, which in turn causes the upper eyelid skin to accumulate in folds at the eyelashes. This has the overall effect of closing in the upper eye and gives that tired or angry look. By restoring the brow to its normal youthful position, the eye is opened up and a brighter, more youthful look is achieved.

Many times a brow lift is overlooked and the focus is on the excess skin of the upper eyelid. In reality, elevating the brow will alleviate much of that excess skin and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is not needed.

It’s a great time to consider cosmetic enhancements, and we have many nonsurgical rejuvenation options. If, however, you are interested in more permanent procedures, the newer surgery techniques are less-invasive, require less downtime from your daily activities and offer a faster recovery. Some of these procedures can even be performed in the physician’s office.

We are happy to discuss your goals, and a rejuvenation plan tailored to your needs is your best approach. For a consultation at our center, call 314-996-3880.

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