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Patient question:
When is the best time to have a facial procedure?

John Chi, MD answer:

Did you know sun exposure is associated with color changes in scars? That’s because UV rays affect the skin at a wound differently than surrounding skin—meaning scars may become more noticeable. The impact of sun exposure on healing tissues can continue for up to a year.

While facial rejuvenation can be performed at any time of the year, we tell patients that a St. Louis winter offers advantages: social calendars usually slow down after the winter holidays and there are fewer reasons to be outdoors in the sun.

Surgical procedures like face-lifts or blepharoplasty leave minimal incisions and can easily be covered from the sun. Facial resurfacing (laser or chemical peel) will leave a larger healing area, and often times, sun protection can only effectively be achieved by staying indoors.

Careful planning will assure your best outcome and shorten your downtime. Formulate a timeline that accounts for each stage of the process:

  • Initial consultation with a facial plastic surgeon (days to weeks)
  • Time to schedule treatment (days to months)
  • Post-treatment recovery (days to months)

For Botox and injectable fillers, one to two weeks is sufficient. For facial rejuvenation procedures, two to six months is a conservative estimate. A facial plastic surgeon can help develop a care plan that best meets your specific needs.

We are happy to discuss your goals, and a rejuvenation plan tailored to your needs is your best approach. For a consultation at our center, call 314-996-3880.

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