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Top of Your Game

“What’s wrong with being confident?” Pop singer Demi Lovato may have asked the question, but the answer is obvious. Confidence carries you through meeting new people, giving pitches and leading meetings, and it encourages you to live life to the fullest. The physicians of the Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center understand the importance confidence can play in your life – and they have the tools to keep you feeling at the top of your game.

“The more common complaints people come in with are not necessarily what we identify as their issue,” Dr. John Chi says. “Whether bags under the eyes are present or not, patients are more concerned with their overall youthful appearance. The bigger picture may reveal sun-damaged skin or loss of texture.”

 For younger patients in their 30s looking to maintain their outer form, Dr. Chi recommends a light laser resurfacing or chemical peel. “They can rejuvenate the skin without a big commitment,” he explains, noting there is little downtime involved.

Custom Treatment Plan

Facial rejuvenation can be done at a number of levels, depending on your needs. “The more aggressive the procedure, the longer your results will last,” Dr. Gregory Branham says. “Everyone perceives pain differently. We do numbing shots or a topical aesthetic to prepare the area. We can also administer a quick IV sedation, so you can have your laser procedure done in 30 minutes and wake up after.”

The physicians at the Facial Plastic Surgery Center can even perform certain minor surgical procedures in-office, including tuck-ups and mini-lifts. “For older patients, we can smooth out the laxity around the jaw, rather than a full facelift, and the downtime is minimal,” Dr. Branham explains. “Within a few days, you can get back to your normal routine.”

Whichever procedure suits you, the best way to lengthen your results is through one tried-and-true method. “Start a daily skin care regimen to maintain and prevent further damage,” Dr. Branham recommends. “Use a good moisturizer, with sunscreen, and some kind of retinol-based product.”

Now, go on…wear your confidence like a crown.

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As seen in Ladue News, March 1, 2018