Is a mini-facelift right for you?

Aging is inevitable, and so are the signs of aging, particularly on our lower face as our skin loses elasticity. So it’s not uncommon to start thinking about options to restore a more youthful appearance, and one of the most popular is facelift surgery.

For those who may not be ready for a traditional facelift and the time it takes to recover, there is a solution that is less invasive and might provide you with the benefits you are seeking with less downtime – a mini-facelift.

What is a mini-facelift?

“A mini-facelift is a facelift that addresses signs of aging, excess skin and wrinkling in the face and jaw line that is not as extensive or invasive as a ‘full’ facelift,” explains Washington University facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Chi. “It typically only takes about two hours, and the recovery time is only one to two weeks.”

Dr. Chi and his partners, Dr. Gregory Branham and Dr. Emily Spataro of the Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center, offer mini-facelifts as an option for their patients and encourage those interested in the procedure to schedule a consultation for an initial exam to better understand what the procedure entails.

“The ideal candidate for a mini-facelift has mild to moderate signs of aging, with excess skin and wrinkling that can be adequately addressed by suspending the tissues and skin immediately in front of the ears,” Dr. Chi says. “In our practice, the mini-facelift is typically performed in the office with local anesthesia and a mild sedative, and patients should be able to comfortably lie flat on our cushioned procedure room table for two hours.”

Is this the right procedure for you?

Regardless of the type of cosmetic surgery a patient is seeking, Dr. Chi advises potential patients to consider their aesthetic goals and the downtime requirements for the cosmetic procedure and ensure their consultation is with a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon.

He recommends patients ask themselves a few questions when considering this procedure:

• Am I interested in improving the wrinkles and excess skin along my face and jaw line?

• Do I have one to two weeks to recover from the procedure?

• Am I able to lie flat on a cushioned procedure table for two hours?

While the mini-facelift is best suited to address wrinkling and skin laxity of the face and jaw line around the ears, Dr. Chi reminds patients that signs of aging near the jowls and chin are not improved with this procedure.

“The mini-facelift is a powerful procedure, and it can produce impressive results in the right patient,” he adds. “We’re here to help you develop the individual treatment plan that is right for you.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation with the physicians at the Facial Plastic Surgery Center, call 314-996-3880 or click here.