portrait of Dr. Gregory Branham outside

Dr. Branham has been in practice since 1991. His clinical focus includes facial rejuvenation, skin cancer reconstruction and facial trauma reconstruction. His particular interest is revision rhinoplasty: helping patients who have had prior surgery. As a founding member of the Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center team, he also serves as Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and Chief Medical Officer for Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital.

Dr. Branham is a South Carolina native but has lived in St. Louis since 1985. He came to Saint Louis University School of Medicine for his residency training in otolaryngology. While in St. Louis, he met his wife and fell in love with the city. He completed his fellowship in facial plastic surgery at Washington University School of Medicine and returned to the University in 2004 to serve as the director of plastic and reconstruction surgery.

What made you choose facial plastic surgery as your specialty?

I chose a surgical field because of the ability to work with my hands to solve problems. In medical school, I was fascinated by the complex anatomy and intricacies of the head and neck, which lead me to do a residency in otolaryngology- head and neck surgery. I decided to sub-specialize in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery because of the opportunity to impact people’s lives so dramatically, whether it is reconstructing a skin cancer defect, reshaping a nose or rejuvenating a face and neck.  

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I get to work with patients from all walks of life with very different needs and perspectives. Because of what I do, I develop longer-term relationships with my patients than in some other surgical fields.  

What would you like others to know about your field?

The variety of work that we do is amazing, from facial fractures, soft tissue reconstruction, nasal cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and facial rejuvenation in the form of surgical and non-surgical procedures.  

What has changed in this field since you started?

We are seeing more men opt for surgery. Our patients are more savvy and well-read when they come in for a consultation. The technology in this field and the science behind what we do has also advanced tremendously. The change of pace in the improvements is staggering, but exciting and fun. That is why it is important to keep up. I just returned from our annual fall meeting with lots of new ideas and learnings.  

Outside of your practice, what are you involved in?

I have the privilege to serve as the Chief Medical Officer for Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital in addition to practicing medicine. I love both jobs and feel like I have the best of both worlds. The roles are so different, as are the challenges that arise each day, but it keeps things fresh and new. 

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

In middle school through high school, I sang in a group and enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. I learned a lot about teamwork and supporting one another in the process.

Tell us about your family and your interests outside of work.

I have three children that are all very different and a joy to have. My oldest lives and works here in St. Louis, my son has his master’s of fine arts and is an artist, and my youngest daughter is in a PhD program at the University of Kansas. My wife is a nurse at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I enjoy traveling with my wife and family, and I like to cook in my spare time.

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