Photo of clock with years instead of hours to indicate the New Year

Turning Back the Clock Through Facial Plastic Surgery

As you get ready for a new year and a new decade, it may be time to think about refreshing your look. There are many ways to turn back the clock when it comes to your skin – you can rejuvenate through both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The physicians of the Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center — Dr. Emily Spataro, Dr. Gregory Branham and Dr. John Chi — are happy to consult with patients about what type of procedure best meets their needs.

“I usually start with getting an understanding of the primary aging related concern that bothers patients,” Dr. Spataro says. “Is it their eyes, neck, skin laxity, skin discoloration, etc?

Start with Skin Care

 “Most patients can benefit from starting on a good skin care regimen if they haven’t already, this is customizable to each patient, but mainstays are antioxidants, retinols, moisturizers with SPF in the morning and thicker, collagen building moisturizers for the evening. We call some of these ‘preventive’ treatments, to help prevent further aging, and some are ‘correctives’ to help correct what time, sun, and other factors have already done,” she explains.

When a patient is ready to explore more than these types of treatments, the Washington University facial plastic surgeons can also address other in-office or surgical procedures that might be most beneficial to their specific concerns.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures ranging from Botox® and injectable fillers to skin resurfacing treatments such as lasers and chemical peels are still some of the most popular options today.

Dr. Spataro says skin laxity can benefit from skin resurfacing, whether that is peels, microneedling, lasers or radiofrequency devices to help tighten skin and improve color and texture.

“Patients who have eye concerns may benefit from blepharoplasty or browlift procedures, whereas patients with more significant lower face or neck concerns may benefit from face or neck lift procedures,” she says. “These are all on a spectrum, so if patients would like to avoid surgical procedures, there are several options to treat each issue, and your provider can discuss the expected outcomes, risks and benefits of each one.”

Why choose a facial plastic surgeon?

As board-certified facial plastic surgeons Drs. Branham, Chi and Spataro bring with them the expertise, training and experience that benefits everyone from the first-time patient to a person who has undergone several procedures.

“Even for in-office procedures such as botox and filler, having an understanding of the underlying anatomy is essential to safe, consistent and desirable results,” Dr. Spataro says. “This is the best way to both avoid potential complications of these procedures, and additionally you are with a provider who is equipped to manage these complications if they do occur.”

The Facial Plastic Surgery Center team treats a very wide age range of patients. It’s important for adults considering cosmetic surgery to remember that age is less of a factor compared to overall health.

“Generally to undergo cosmetic, elective procedures, we would like to ensure you are in good health, as medical conditions take greater priority,” Dr. Spataro says. “However, I have many patients who are very active and healthy later in life, even in their late 80s or 90s, who want to look as young as they feel and still undergo smaller, office-based procedures and injections.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation with the physicians at the Facial Plastic Surgery Center, call 314-996-3880 or click here.