photo of women in red sunglasses with snow frost on her face

Why now may be a good time to consider facial plastic surgery

Protecting your skin from the elements should be a year-round priority, and it’s particularly important during the winter months, when the sun, harsh winds and dry conditions can have a damaging effect.

“Although most people equate sunburns with the warmer time of year, sun protection in the winter is an absolute necessity,” says Washington University facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Chi. “Sun damage is a major cause of premature aging, blemishes and skin cancer. In the wintertime, many people remain active outdoors, leaving them at risk for long periods of sun exposure. Sunburns in the wintertime are often mischaracterized as windburn.”

In addition, the colder, dryer weather in the winter can also contribute to skin dryness, which can exacerbate skin conditions, skin color problems and skin aging, Dr. Chi adds.   

The physicians of the Washington University Facial Plastic Surgery Center, including Dr. Chi and his partners, Dr. Gregory Branham and Dr. Emily Spataro, have seen how the harsh winter conditions can lead to skin damage. Their practice can help you better understand the importance of protecting your skin during the winter months, as well as offer solutions to help you rejuvenate your skin during this time.

Preventative steps to protect your skin against winter weather can include:

  • Using sunscreen (SPF >30) and wearing clothing/hats to protect exposed skin and avoid wintertime sunburns.
  • Regular use of skin moisturizer to combat wintertime dryness and help provide a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • Developing a skin care regimen with glycolic acid or retinoid combined with a moisturizer as an effective way to emerge from the cold weather with a fresh look.

Why winter is a good time for a fresh look

Winter is a perfect time to freshen and rejuvenate your face. Because it is typically less busy socially for most people, treatment during this time allows patients to avoid the public eye while they recover. 

There are many treatments for patients to explore that can reverse the effects of aging and sun exposure, and the Facial Plastic Surgery Center is happy to consult with you about a treatment that can meet your individual needs.

One option that can have dramatic results is skin rejuvenation with a light (or deep) chemical peel or laser treatment.  

“These procedures remove the outer layer of skin and encourage a new, tighter layer of skin to replace the older outer skin,” Dr. Chi explains. “The improved skin tone and elimination of blemishes can significantly improve the fresh and youthful appearance of the skin and face.

“Winter is the ideal time for deeper peels and laser resurfacing because most people tend to stay indoors a bit more during the colder months and the recovery for these procedures requires strict sun avoidance,” he adds.

For a shorter recovery, minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as a tuck-up or a mini-face lift, can yield excellent results with short downtime. 

A traditional full-facelift is also a great option for the winter, Dr. Chi says.

“A good rule of thumb is that the patient should be ready for an outing to the store in a week, back to work in two weeks and out for dinner and drinks in a month,” he says.

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