Liposuction, or a removal of excess fat, can help sculpt and define your face. The procedure, often performed in-office, involves small incisions within the natural folds of the face and/or under the chin or jaw line. Excess fat is endoscopically suctioned out through these small incisions, and then closed with small stitches. Most patients resume normal activities within several days.

Many patients seek facial liposuction to smooth excess facial fat in the chin and jawline (upper neck area) for a give more contoured and youthful appearance. Facial fat accumulation is common as we age, but it can also result from weight gain and a family history of accumulation.

Some patients choose liposuction alone, while others may benefit from liposuction combined with other procedures: face lift, chin or cheek implants, neck lift or rhinoplasty.

Because some areas of the face require facial fat, especially to provide a natural, soft look, your facial features and bone structure should be evaluated by an experienced specialist before considering liposuction. During your consultation Drs. Branham and Chi will review your options and discuss a custom treatment path that meets your goals and expectations.