The only way I can describe the result of my surgery by Dr. Branham is "life-changing". For years I dealt with a severely deviated septum that greatly impacted my ability to breathe and smell. Sinus infections and headaches were just a part of my life. I consulted three ENT/facial plastic surgeons (I was uneasy about the surgery and potential complications). Dr. Branham gave em the most detailed and realistic information at my consultation. He spent all the time I neede dto completely understand the surgery, post-surgery recovery and what I could expect for results. In my opinion, Dr. Branham is an artist. My nose has never looked better, but best of works! I am sleeping deeper and waking more rested. My headaches are now nonexistent and I just spent a St. Louis allergy season without a sinus infection. I highly recommend Dr. Branham.
I’ve been coming to the office for a year now and have had 2 surgeries. Dr. Branham’s nurse, Sue, has always been so considerate of my schedule. It is never a problem getting a hold of her when I have concerns or issues, and she has been so prompt with getting back with me. I am very proud to be a patient here, and the first-rate care is the best.
The First-rate Care is the Best
Growing up I was teased about the size of my nose. In addition to my nose being disproportionate, I also had a deviated septum, which made breathing difficult. As soon as I met Dr. Branham, I felt comfortable that he would address my concerns. Planning surgery with his office was very easy and the cost was affordable. After my surgery, the recovery time was manageable and Dr. Branham was very proactive about checking on my progress. I am very pleased with the results and I finally feel excited about looking in the mirror and putting on makeup. If asked if I would do it again, my response would be -- in a heartbeat! I feel a confidence now with my new nose that I have never felt before.
Excited About Looking in the MirrorRG
I had a complete collapse of both my nasal passages and could not breathe through my nose at all. After Dr. Branham reconstructed my nasal passages by rhinoplasty, I have never breathed so well in my life. I felt no pain when waking up or thereafter, amd I feel reborn because of this surgery. I don't have headaches and I am never tired or struggling to breathe. Dr. Branham and his team are a blessing to have changed my life so dramatically.
I Can Finally BreatheRH