Eyelid Surgery

As we age, skin naturally stretches, muscles weaken and the effects of environmental factors, such as sun exposure and smoking, can cause uneven skin pigmentation. Because the skin around our eyes is more delicate than other skin, the effects of aging start to show around our eyes first.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a technique used to improve signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, drooping lids and/or excess skin below the eyes. In some cases, heavy, drooping upper lids (called ptosis) can be so prominent that vision is obstructed. In these cases, blepharoplasty may be able to improve vision.

Everyone’s eyes are different: from shape, muscles and tendons and bony support. The right technique to rejuvenate the area around your eyes can be determined after a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Branham and Dr. Chi are careful to use procedures that will not reposition eyes or change their shape.

What to Expect with Eyelid Surgery
Incisions are made in the natural creases or folds of the eyelids, loose skin and extra fat tissue are removed, and the muscles and supporting tissue are tightened and repositioned.

Most patients feel comfortable resuming work and social activities within 10 days for upper eyelid surgery, and less time for lower lid surgery. Within a few weeks, the thin surgical scars will become less visible and gradually blend into your eyes’ natural lines. A more alert and youthful look usually lasts for years; results are permanent for many people.

Though eyelid surgery is often performed as a single procedure, it can also be performed along with a facelift or facial procedures. It is often combined with a brow lift for a complete upper facial rejuvenation.

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