Why Implants?

Facial implants can improve appearance by balancing symmetry, replacing lost volume and/or creating stronger features.

Surgeons place implants in the chin, jaw or cheek to help produce more contour and to correct poor definition or inadequate projection. Implants can be combined with rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and other enhancement procedures.

What Are They Made Of?

Most implants are made of silicone (solid, not gel) or Gore-Tex (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene-ePTFE). Larger, more porous implants that have more fibrous tissue ingrowth are typically used for specific reconstruction cases.

Most implants are anchored with permanent sutures or screws. The type and location of the implant will determine the choice of anchoring style. Once the implant heals into the surrounding pocket that forms, it rarely moves unless dislodged by trauma. Most often, a suture will be used to hold the implant in place for six weeks or the time it takes a surrounding pocket to form.

Depending on the selected treatment, facial implant surgery can be performed with local anesthetic or under general anesthesia.

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